2013 Fresh

268106_10200229216236865_1338498116_nWell, it’s 2013. I have for the first time in years felt no need to make any kind of resolutions or do anything other than be grateful for what is and live from where I’m at. 2012 closed with ending a short relationship that never quite got there. It was a gift in so many ways. I celebrated the New Year with a friend and had fantastic food, great conversation and was pleasantly satisfied.

Even though it’s a fresh new year, each day is greeted the same way. “How can I be a blessing to someone today?” and “What will it take to enjoy this day with joy and ease?” The Universe answers.

This year I intend to continue to improve my fitness and support others in their desires to grow. I am here to listen and relay what guidance comes from the highest source. I renew my intentions to be a blessing in someone’s life.

Allow yourself to get up each day with excitement and enjoy each moment of 2013.

With great love,

Robin aka Your Psychic Girlfriend.

What I learned from Facebook

I love Facebook. A friend of mine e-mailed me and asked where our mutual friend had gone and requested her number as she couldn’t find it and was concerned. I looked on her page and she was gone! So, I found her number that was stored in the mail exc

hanges and somehow actually made it in my phone contact list and called her.

My friend was happy to hear not only from me, but from the other people who noticed her presence missing. She was going through a hard time. It was what she needed. Someone to reach out and let her know, she’s not alone and she’s very much loved. We are all connected and with social networks, we can reach out easily to see how someone is doing.

Today, just notice and give thanks for the people in your life. I thank my Facebook friends all 840 of them and to my real life interactive friends, thank you too!

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Hormonal Dive

Ok, so my tantrum is over. It really was a hormonal dive. That damn serotonin decided not to be present so much for me. Here’s the deal. When in a hormonal ride, it feels like life sucks and nearly everything is seen from the eyes of hell. I am a

reasonably upbeat happy person. I felt like life was spinning out of control and had no rational reason why.
What did I learn? I learned that sometimes we have no control over what is going on internally. Menopause sucks. I learned that I verbally express everything and it ain’t pretty folks. I can go from being really sad and emotional to really ready smash someone in the head. Of course, I stick to verbally assaulting my friends.
No supply of chocolate can erase the feelings. I didn’t try alcohol or anything else. Not that I want to.
In any case, I really found out that I have friends who really love and care for me. A doctor friend who knows her stuff and I feel well taken care of. So, I’ll be tweaking my diet, taking my herbs (she’s practices Chinese medicine too) and keep dark chocolate handy too.
The next time I take that ride, I’ll be ready or not, but either way, I know it’s temporary.
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I’m having a bit of a breakdown. A client I have been working with revealed that her boyfriend of a year told her he loved her. She went on to say that she hasn’t heard a man tell her he loved her for over 5 years. I was thrilled for her as I’ve b

een with her since her down in the dumps days and through the bad apples in her life. I truly was happy for her.

The conversation in my head began with, “when was the last time I heard a man (I loved) tell ME he loved me?” UM..UH, oh hell…. It’s been a long time. The conversation continued until, I was having a major breakdown, still am. I haven’t heard “I love you” from a man since.. well, a long time. Over 5 years. I was with someone I loved, but he didn’t love me. Seems to be a theme in my life. The past four years I have been healing, changing my vibration, forgiving, clearing and anything else I can think of to bring to me my “enjoyable other.” Frankly, I’m quite sick of it. It seems hopeless, futile and downright effed up.

Tantrum time. I called a friend and vented. I may as well have thrown myself on the floor kicking and screaming. Maybe I will. It seems I give and give and am really ready to receive someone good in my life. Someone, loving and who shares his heart openly and receives the love I have and gives love to me.
I take advice from the so called “experts” read books that help me become a “Bitch” men will love. It’s become quite sad and comical at the same time. Do I really have to change the fundamental nature of who I am to have love in my life? I hope not.

I have been listening to some tele-seminars on how to call in the ONE, create a loving relationship and coming up with nothing. I read somewhere to make a demand of the Universe. I think I’ll try that. From the website http://www.accessyourconsciousness.com, here is my declaration.

“Universe! If there is someone 1000 times greater and more amazing than I could imagine, currently available to me, I FUCKING DEMAND OF MYSELF TO RECEIVE IT NOW! And I don’t CARE what my old limiting beliefs are, I’m having it NOW! I’m choosing way Fucking BEYOND my old reality!!! Not LATER, but NOW!!! Dammit, I’m FUCKING getting OVER THIS OLD SHIT!

Thank you for letting me vent. I’ll be back to my happy self after a nap, some chocolate and maybe a gallon of coffee.


Happy Valentines Day!

As I was writing this, I thought about the best Valentine’s Days of the past. I remember decorating boxes in grade school and getting a handmade card from my 2nd Grade crush. It made my day and even though he gave them to

everyone in the room, I thought I was special in that moment.

Fast forward to my sophomore year in college, a received a beautiful plant from my mother Somehow, she knew I didn’t have a sweetheart at the time. It made me grateful to have her take that effort to send me something so wonderful.

Another Valentine a few years ago, gave me gifts, but what I treasured was his note about how his heart was opening to me. I felt so cared for and celebrated love that day. That love didn’t last, but I felt special and loved that day.

A couple years ago, I met a friend in Santa Fe and he was another reminder of how much love there is in people whether it lasts for a day, a season or a lifetime.

This year, I am celebrating Valentine’s Day by treating myself and showering my kids with candy and little reminders that love is sweet and fun. I’ll go for a walk by the lake, enjoy a great cup of coffee and indulge in dark chocolate. I’ll create an environment of self love and celebration of the people in my life that remind me that love is not just one day a year, but every moment of every day.

I will look back fondly on my Valentine memories, create new ones and look forward to a legendary romantic love that seems to be elusive. I will send out love energy to all who may have forgotten that love comes in many forms and everyone is loved and loveable. How do I know? I just do! Happy Valentines Day!

Power Thought for Today

Power Thought

From the Angelynx Deck, by John Sacelli

Words- We are SENTENCED to live by the spells we cast, and when the syntax of our sentences is not well spoken (Joined by spokes to the hub, or center, of our purpose) or well written (Know

rite from wrong) then we pay the sin tax of the spells witch condemn us. In the Beginning was the Word.

A reminder that WORDS are spelled. We cast our spells and are sentenced to live by them.
Today, be your WORD, cast spells that create a magical life, a POWERFUL life, YOUR life!

Make your rite in your WORD. Make your life sacred.

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To your powerful life!

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Why does the Present Look like the Past?

Who you are in the present is the future you are living into, then, why does it look like the past?

The present is always yours to create in the now. We keep creating from our pasts, it can be frustrating and leave us feeling stuck. Today, be wi

th right now as it is and ask yourself “What is possible for me today?” Allow the answers to unfold. The question is what is important. When you open up to possibility, you can create the future you are living into rather than recycling the past and and reliving it.

Take 5 minutes and write down whatever comes to you about what’s possible for you right now. Look at the words and see what comes up!

Powerful living begins right now. Leave the past where it belongs and create new possibilities every moment every day!

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To Your Powerful Life!