What to do when he doesn’t text or call again?

What did I do that made him not contact me anymore?
This is a question I get a lot when women are trying to get out there and date online. When this question is asked, I think about how we as women are trained to see a flaw in ourselves as the reason.
Dating is the way to get data and find out if that person is good for you. This takes time. Often, a guy won’t call again or text for a myriad of reasons. Maybe he is dating a lot of other people and trying to find the right fit. Or maybe he’s just a jerk. Who knows? A better perspective of the situation is, if he doesn’t call, he simply isn’t my guy. Because, my guy is someone who knows what he wants and that is me. I don’t need to know why. Chemistry is a mystery and compatibility takes time to discover. If he doesn’t want to continue dating, onward!
Rejection hurts even if the date didn’t turn into something. Remember, that you aren’t being rejected, you just aren’t a match. Don’t waste time on the why, but get back out there and have fun.
Dating should be fun.
Not sure how to raise your vibration to attract the right one? Contact me for a reading and I’ll show you how.
Until then, enjoy this yummy coffee recipe.


Don’t settle for crumbs. Don’t settle (Period)!


When I started dating again after my divorce, I found myself running old patterns. By patterns, I mean behaviors in the past that hadn’t quite served me. I hadn’t dated since the 80s. It was like I started from that point. I set up my online dating profile in hopes of meeting someone awesome. You know, someone like me. Well, let me tell you. I learned a lot about myself. The “me” I thought I was, really wasn’t the “me” I hoped for.
Like many other women, I thought I’d attract a smart, handsome gentleman (emphasis on gentleman) that wanted to have a monogamous relationship. Reality was about to hit hard. Where were all the gentleman? In any case, I received winks and emails and all sorts of indecent proposals. Because I needed or thought I needed the attention I played.
I allowed myself to text endlessly to men who didn’t have one iota of gentlemanly qualities. I spent time and energy on crumb communication, crumb dates with men who had no interest or ability in relationship building. I began to realize that I had settled in my marriage and here I was prepared to settle for another wounded, limited man. The wounded, damaged, limited person was me.
I knew that I couldn’t do what I did before and attract the type of person that had their stuff together. Inside myself, there was a voice that was urging me to take time to really get square with myself. To become the person who I wanted to be in relationship in order to attract the right person.
Before I made a feast out of crumbs. I allowed less, settled for less because I felt I deserved less.
Don’t settle for less that the whole meal, dessert and wine too.
If you need help attracting the right relationship, contact me for a consultation. Until then, here is the only crumbs you deserve. A yummy crumbly coffee cake. Enjoy!


Divorce isn’t a Tragedy.

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March 31st is the anniversary of my divorce. I can’t believe how the time flies. The memory of pain and anxiety of going through the ending of my marriage long gone and replaced by a feeling of peace, love and joy. A lot has happened since the day the judge decreed that my ex and I “divorced.” Growth tops the list.
I’ve grown and accomplished raising two wonderful kids. I wanted them to see me happy and if at all possible, being in a healthy, happy relationship. Six years and this is my truth. My joy has returned. I’m in a love relationship with my friend who I knew years ago was my soul mate. Yes, I said it “soul mate” in every sense. My ex-husband was a soul mate too, he taught me about the consequences of not knowing, valuing and most importantly loving myself. He gave me two children whom I adore and a life lesson that I will never forget.
I get to show my kids that love is good, kind, compassionate, passionate, friendliness and feels good. Barbados . That two people can work through their issues through communication, transparency and a genuine care for each other’s happiness.
If you are going through a divorce or contemplating one, know that you will get through it and life can be wonderful again.
To celebrate my divorce a dear friend took me to breakfast. I remember I had Swedish Pancakes and lingonberries. Here is a recipe for your enjoyment.



This last few weeks were really crazy and trying to get access to my website. I’m quite a novice at tech stuff. I do rely upon those who can do better than I. February is the month of love. Most often connected with romantic love, but why not just have it about love always? I challenge you to start your day with gratitude and list 3 things daily you are grateful for.

My simple list for today:
The IT guy at 1and1.com, he really came through for me.
The snow plow drivers, we’ve had 11+ inches of snow in Chicago
and Coffee. That’s a given.

Enjoy finding gratitude and living it each day. Sometimes it’s not easy, but it makes life easier to stay in the energy of thankfulness.

Victorious over Victimhood

When we are feeling like life is really doing a number on us, it’s difficult to feel happy. Sometimes we start to feel like we are a victim. We react to other’s words and actions and make it somehow about us. When our attitudes are victim like there are a few ways to pull out of it. After all, who wants to be unhappy? We are always responsible for how we feel. We get to choose that. I know that sounds really challenging sometimes. For me, I reach into my tool bag to help me get to a place of feeling better. The shift helps me deal with life and it’s curveballs and, frankly, other people.

When you are feeling like life is kicking you in the teeth or even just stirred up about something, the best way to move out of it is to get moving. Work out, walk, dance, swim, do anything that moves your body physically. For me, the harder the better. I Crossfit. If I have had a bad day or feeling out of sorts, I head to class. There is nothing better than wearing your butt out than Crossfit. I leave feeling satisfied and can hardly remember why I was upset in the first place.

Another great tool is Youtube. My standbys are anything by Abraham-Hicks. A funny dog or cat video also works.

Affirmations work too. I like “even though I am feeling sad, I love an approve of myself.” Just say that a few times and you will feel the shift. There are a lot of people who can’t say that they love or approve of themselves.

Try some of these little shifts to move you to a place of victory over victim. Your happiness is your job.

Peace and love.

Influencers of 2014 – People you should know

2014 brought some of my favorite influencers of this past year. These are people who’s work really helped me. Check them out.

Kelley Rosano www.kelleyrosano.com – Kelley releases videos for each astrological sign on youtube. I love listening to what is coming up for my sign. She’s fun, positive and love her freebies!

Zoe Moon- www.zoemoon.com – Zoe is another gem. Like her on Facebook and get her daily forecast. She is easy to understand. I think I’ve learned more about astrology this year through her.

Self Help:

Natalie Lue- Baggage Reclaim: www.baggagereclaim.com Natalie’s words of wisdom and common sense have been a staple in my bag of self help tips. She is straight forward and if you have no idea what “healthy” is, you will find it here. Also check out her e-book on relationships “Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl.” This will set you straight on dating.

Dating and Relationships:

Matthew Hussey- https://www.youtube.com/user/gettheguyteam. Aside from being great to look at, his wisdom from a man’s perspective is fabulous. If you have struggled with dating the wrong man or not attracting the right one, run, don’t walk and if you can see him in person, go for it. He offers some of the best advice I have found.

Enjoy these influencers! May they bring you something new and good to your 2015.


2015 New Beginnings

268106_10200229216236865_1338498116_nHappy New Year! I hope your new year brings you and yours peace, love and joy. I got a meme from a friend that said “My New Year’s resolution is to stop kidding myself about lifestyle changes. Nobody likes a cheap, skinny bitch anyway.” I got a good laugh, but also thought about how nice it is to have a reboot each year. Regardless of what you want to accomplish, New Year’s is a nice time to start fresh. If you think about it, every moment is an opportunity to start new. So, this year, I’m going to try and remember that each moment is new. I have the ability to create something different each day. I usually make a vision board for the year, but this year, I did something different. I will create my vision board here, weekly. Putting words up on this blog that hopefully will make sense to someone, but if it doesn’t, I will use it as an opportunity to create each week something new and different. I hope you will take the opportunity to do something different this year, something that makes you laugh or smile. Don’t do it as an obligation, do it because you can. Peace and love.

2013 Fresh

268106_10200229216236865_1338498116_nWell, it’s 2013. I have for the first time in years felt no need to make any kind of resolutions or do anything other than be grateful for what is and live from where I’m at. 2012 closed with ending a short relationship that never quite got there. It was a gift in so many ways. I celebrated the New Year with a friend and had fantastic food, great conversation and was pleasantly satisfied.

Even though it’s a fresh new year, each day is greeted the same way. “How can I be a blessing to someone today?” and “What will it take to enjoy this day with joy and ease?” The Universe answers.

This year I intend to continue to improve my fitness and support others in their desires to grow. I am here to listen and relay what guidance comes from the highest source. I renew my intentions to be a blessing in someone’s life.

Allow yourself to get up each day with excitement and enjoy each moment of 2013.

With great love,

Robin aka Your Psychic Girlfriend.

What I learned from Facebook

I love Facebook. A friend of mine e-mailed me and asked where our mutual friend had gone and requested her number as she couldn’t find it and was concerned. I looked on her page and she was gone! So, I found her number that was stored in the mail exc

hanges and somehow actually made it in my phone contact list and called her.

My friend was happy to hear not only from me, but from the other people who noticed her presence missing. She was going through a hard time. It was what she needed. Someone to reach out and let her know, she’s not alone and she’s very much loved. We are all connected and with social networks, we can reach out easily to see how someone is doing.

Today, just notice and give thanks for the people in your life. I thank my Facebook friends all 840 of them and to my real life interactive friends, thank you too!

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