• "Robin has a connection to divine wisdom. She inspires and guides while clearly listening with her heart. Robin is honest and will kindly "call you out" if you're stuck in your story that's of self-sabotage so you can see your options of the higher good. At the end of our sessions I feel inspired and full of hope. #she's a  guided gamechanger  Lisa - Wisconsin
  • "Anyone who wants to move forward in their life and discover new opportunities for improving their career, relationships, and spiritual well-being would greatly benefit from a reading with Robin. Her intuitive gifts and humor will leave you feeling both empowered and uplifted. She is a wonderful teacher and I am deeply grateful for her gifts and guidance." Jamie, Graphic Designer, Chicago IL  
  • "Robin hooks you up! After taking Robin's workshop I had a tremendous shift in self-confidence. I got validated at a very deep level of who I am and my accurate "well said" clarity and judgment. Robin in her humble manner is a genius in connecting you to your deepest truth and launch you into the freedom of expression of who you truly are. Do her workshop immediately to plug into the Divine Love and take your life higher. It's the best-kept secret on the Planet. Do yourself a favor and just do it! " Janice, Prosperity Coach
  • "I needed guidance and self-assurance during a difficult period in my life. Consulting with Robin helped me to gain a new perspective and allowed me to come away feeling stronger. I experienced a greater understanding of how I could create the life I want.  Robin is the bright light you search for in the darkness. She really rocks!" SF, Producer  
  • "Robin is a highly talented and skilled healer on many levels.  Her work consistently serves to release the physical and psychological blockages that prevent us from fully realizing our potential.  My work with Robin has significantly increased my awareness of and connection to body, mind, and spirit.  Through Robin, I have gained clarity of purpose, extensive self-knowledge, the wisdom to make empowering choices, and, the physical and emotional strength to pursue my dreams." J. S., Ph.D.  
  • "Having my Akashic Records opened was the best thing I ever did!  Working with Robin for a few sessions gave me insights that would have taken years in therapy. It is the most effective way to empowering yourself to live the best life you can live.  It helps to truly understand how to heal yourself.  Working with Robin has been a blessing." Linda G, Nutritionist  
  • "Robin is a trusted and gifted spiritual counselor.  Her insight and guidance as I pursue my own spiritual development has been and continues to be immeasurably helpful.  Her loving perspective has guided me through many life transitions.  She is a true blessing in my life."   P. Seeberg, Therapist  
  • "I had heard from a lot of great things from a whole bunch of people about Robin and her ability to read  Akashic Records before I decided I could use her talents. When I finally met her, I was impressed by her well-developed intuition and gentle manner of communicating what she received. What impressed me much more was her eagerness to teach and share her gifts. I right away decided I was signing up for both levels of her courses in Akashic Record reading.  It looked surprisingly easy as she initiated us into the field and taught us how to train our intuitive side. Thanks to Robin’s wonderful gifts as a teacher, it soon became obvious that if one set one’s mind to do this and used the simple tools offered by her, there was a whole world of knowledge out there that could be tapped into by anyone willing to put the effort. I highly recommend these courses for anyone wishing to discover their larger, more divine side. All it takes is the willingness, the practice, and of course….Robin! Ramaa Krishnan Teacher, Meditation and Self- awareness  "What would I do without Robin?  Not only am I fortunate that she is my sister but a wonderfully supportive friend and mentor.  She truly is my inspiration considering what she came from to what she has become today.  Our family is gifted with the intuitive, but Robin has taken that gift, perfected the art, and gives back to all that are fortunate enough to cross her path.  I have a deeper understanding of myself and my own special gifts thanks to her. "  Aimee - Owner Austin Beach Volleyball Club   
  • " I have experienced Robin as an Akashic Master Reader, a Reiki practitioner, and as a colleague.  Her ability to gently help access the core questions and source with humor, compassion, and incisiveness are her greatest gifts. Robin  has helped immensely and I would recommend her in as a teacher and a guide to finding the inner voice." Susan F., artist/writer  
  • "My history with Robin spans more than 15 years.  Even though I know her quite well, it never ceases to amaze me the depths she reaches in our sessions.  Her language, too, differs from our regular exchanges.  She uses words, phrases, analogies, etc., that convince me continually her work is otherworldly.  In addition, I feel moved to share her with others who are in need.  I have referred her to many friends and acquaintances - sometimes skeptics - who have ALL walked away enlighted and empowered.  I am truly blessed to have Robin in my life." Jenny Y. Homemaker  
  •  "Sometimes when you believe hard enough, your dreams do come true.  Having met Robin has reassured me that we are loved and guided to our rightful goals and dreams.  Substance adds belief. Thank you, Robin, you have changed my world." Donna M., Christchurch, New Zeland  
  • "My life has made such a dramatic change for the better as a result of my readings/advice from Robin. I am so glad to have found her." Shelldawn, Kasamba Client  
  • "Robin is amazing. I got more from this one session than I would have gotten from years of counseling. She is very positive and gives concrete advice. It is a 'psychic' reading, but in the 'predicting' sense that you may be used to- because she is more making you aware of the responsibility you need to take to make your life the way you want it to be. I really enjoyed this session- though it pointed out many areas in which I've been slacking. I will hire her again." Ravenangel, Kasamba Client  "The only way I could describe my work with Robin and the Akashic Records is life-altering.  Since first meeting her in 2002, the personal growth that has occurred in all areas of my life is no less than phenomenal.  Each reading with her has given me insight, inspiration, and guidance that has proved invaluable in helping me to create the life I want.  She has truly been a blessing in my life." Heather, Client and Student,  New York  
  • Every reading with Robin has inspired me to understand myself, why things are the way they are, and empowering me to make the changes to move forward.  She saw and described my now almost-two-year-old daughter many months before she had even been conceived. Robin’s readings helped me make it through some truly dark times and come out stronger. She is accurate, empowering, and truly amazing!  Anu G., Boston, MA