Monday, April 21, 2014

Be Responsible.

As an intuitive, psychic guide and healer, people come to me for support and help. It’s my responsibility to give them accurate advice from the Akashic Records, for the highest good. That is my intention and that is what happens most the time. It generic cialis without prescription is the client’s responsibility to take that [...]

Cupid’s Special! 30 minute phone readings $30!

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November 5th McKenzie MIngle

Your Psychic Girlfriend will be giving mini readings and selling intention candles by Coventry Creations. From 6pm-midnight. If you are in the Chicago area and want to come to this excellent event at the Winnetka Women’s Club. Some of the vendors have websites, check them out! Judy Lichtenstein: Small Creatures: Wonder Kids [...]

Go with the Flow Financially

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Resistance is futile. When dealing with an issue in my life especially if it is in regard to my new financial conditioning, I resist. I notice I fall back into old patterns and habits that breed frustration. The outcome for me is not getting where I want to go financially. cheap internet security software I [...]


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What are you creating today? I pulled the angel card “Creativity” today. It reminded me of how we are all artists of our lives. We are creating our lives through our thoughts, feelings, words we use and actions we take. Each day is an experience of that combination. When I think of creativity, I think [...]

Self Worthy!

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how to get steroids oday the concept of self worth and self-esteem came up on my radio show. At many points in life you will feel down and out and not worthy of good in life. Going within and connecting with source energy, or your intuition, you can feel at the very core of you [...]

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Second step into the Master Mind Consciousness Last week, I talked about what a Master Mind Group is and the first step into Master Mind consciousness. The first step is surrender. The second step is to Believe. I believe in cooperation and co-creation with the Master Mind, a power greater than any other aspect of [...]

Feel Better Toolbox

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I am a big believer in what you focus on, expands in your life. In another words, what you put your attention to, becomes your reality. I have been focusing on something that is quickly starting to manifest in my reality. The flu. However, yesterday, I started to notice feeling worn out, headache, little fevers, [...]

I'm sorry

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I was reading a blog today and the author suggested a meditation where you bring all your pain to God. In the meditation, I asked my guides to bring me to God. Remember the movie Wizard of Oz? Well, this is where my version of God lives. In Emerald City where the big flaming head [...]

Learning and Growing

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I am taking a course in Tarot which is being taught by the talented Storm Cestavani I have to admit I am excited. Tarot wasn't something I have ever considered. In fact, I am guilty of being a no tools snob. Ok, at least that is in the past. I feel the tarot system [...]

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